Project details

Our partner, tasked with installing video surveillance in a 25 story luxury apartment building built on top of 2 connecting buildings with mixed retail & commercial space.  The recording equipment was to be located in an elevator equipment room on the roof, cameras in the lobby, with  20’ ceilings and additional cameras in a club room with hard ceilings on the 23 Rd floor. After spending several trips and many man hours, our partner contacted us for a solution

SolutionSquidwire to the rescue – combined two teams one specializing in residential work, skilled in working on solid ceilings and handy with drywall repair to tackle the club room where every attention to detail mattered. Another team worked with building engineers to resolve the challenges of running cables through buildings pieced together with no thought of ever needing to network them together. Within several hours, greater minds prevailed and pathways(not so direct) were found and systems installed. On time, on budget!