Networking Services

Networking Services

Squid Wire’s highly trained technicians and engineers provide custom network solutions based on your company’s bandwidth, network and budgetary requirements while taking into consideration factors such as the future growth of your company and potential technological developments.

When planning an office move, especially from an IT and network infrastructure perspective, there are three basic considerations:

1. What are your office’s current technology needs?

2. What are your future technology and infrastructure needs?

3. What is your budget?

Networking Services

From a network cabling / IT perspective, you should evaluate the cabling of the new location. A Public Relations firm with 20 employees, using email and light Internet browsing may not support your content rich Multi-Media Firm with 10 employees. A 10M or 100M network may have supported the PR firm but the MM Firm may require 1000M
Make very careful notes of the physical layout of the new location, paying particular attention to the location of voice & data network jacks, as well as electrical outlets. Securing detailed plans and schematics will assist you immensely, even if just hand drawn. A good, thought out plan will allow you to make sure your electrical outlets and data jacks are in the proper locations. Share the plan with other personnel in the office to insure that you have thought about all the devices on the network. Proper planning will eliminate last minute additions for the network printer, copier, and postage machine (and save you money.)
Each computer and device will need power and network access for each computer or device. Note any area where coverage is lacking. Depending on how you see your office expanding, consider future uses for areas. Could there conceivably be a desk there at some point? Or a network printer, scanning or other network device? Even if unlikely, it is wise (and much less expensive) to have additional network wiring and access points run to currently unused areas. Adding an additional few feet of wire now is much less expensive than expanding