Fiber Optics


Fiber Optics

Network technology and the demand for bandwidth is developing so fast, it can confound even those people at the heart of the network and cabling industries.

Not long ago, Gigabit Ethernet was seen as an important advance for the capability of a complete LAN. A gigabit-per-second was seen as a huge amount of data, more than enough for an entire LAN.  At the time, virtually no application,would need such an amount of information going to the individual desktop.
Gigabit Ethernet is being talked about, and even being installed to individual network users. The challenge then becomes, how do we supply the rest of the network with at least 10 times more bandwidth to handle the increased traffic.

Fiber Optics

Copper cable will never match the performance of Fiber. CAT6 systems will maintain a price advantage over fiber and in reality, there are many environments where the users will never require the speeds that fiber provides.

Utilizing light to transmit information over greater distances than copper, fiber is the perfect medium for connecting multiple locations on a campus, extending data past the CAT5/6 tolerance lengths and when building out the backbone for a building (connecting floors, or large groups to a central hub). Additionally, because there is no electric “signal”  there is little to no interference allowing much greater speeds.  CAT5 & CAT6 are affected by electromagnetic interference caused by heavy machinery, high voltage currents or magnetic fields generated by large motors, where fiber is not.  Additionally, connecting sections of a building where utilizing CAT5 or CAT6 would exceed their tolerances for distance, fiber becomes a necessity.

Fiber Optics Installation Services In Philadelphia 

When making the decision to install fiber connections there are many items to take into consideration.  OM1 works very well for todays connectivity, but most installations are expected to last 25 years.  If it can be worked into your budget, OM3 is the smartest, long term choice.  With network equipment replacement cycle being five years, OM3 will provide you with the greater speeds associated with the new dvices.

At Squid Wire, we will access your needs and make sure you have the proper fiber (multi mode vs single mode), with the needed transmission speeds(OM3 vs. OM1) and the proper terminations to insure a good connection for your network.