CAT 5 - CAT 6



CAT 5 – CAT 6


When making the selection between CAT5 and CAT6 there are many variables to consider.

CAT5 e will give your network up to Gigabit speeds when installed properly.   CAT 5e will drive most network devices at their optimal speed with the added benefit of a savings on the initial installation. When entering into a short term lease (less than 5 years) or when your network does not consist of devices, network cards and switches of Gigabit speed, CAT5e is a logical and budget conscious option.

When looking at the long term, CAT6 is the only option.  As technology changes and advances your network will require additional bandwidth.  The installation of  CAT6 will future proof your network and allow you to have the proper infrastructure in place for whatever systems come down the road.  Additionally, the CAT6 includes additional shielding that will improve your network when there are devices that create electro-magnetic interference.  In areas where this is very prevalent, optical fiber may be a better solution.


CAT 5 – CAT 6 Installation

Proper design and good planning can insure that your network will operate well with either CAT5 or CAT6.  Our goal with every installation is to make certain that you will not need to upgrade your infrastructure while in your current location.  The additional cost (approx. 20%) of installing CAT6 today will always be more cost effective than utilizing CAT5 now and having your systems require an upgrade to CAT6 later (220%).

As always, the choice is yours,but our experts will assist you in the selection of the proper materials for your project. Need a CAT 5 – CAT 6 installation to your commercial property or business? Contact the best CAT 5 – CAT 6 installation service company in the Philadelphia area, Squid Wire.

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