About Us

Our Mission: "Always provide solid technology advice and solutions"
Squid Wire is a low voltage cabling company which is dedicated to providing solid, reliable technology advice and solutions to support our clients’ needs and growth. We believe in fashioning custom solutions for our customers and we know that a ‘one size fits all’ approach just doesn't work!

To increase our flexibility and knowledge, our team is experienced with all of the major wire configurations, including fiber optics, inside plant, outside plant, as well as wireless solutions. We will design a structured, versatile framework that supports your business, warehouse, campus or office and is adaptable to structure changes over time. With a solid, functional foundation, Squid Wire is always able to make small adjustments and reconfigurations over time to keep you on the cutting edge.

Our aim is to make technology simple and understandable in a way that supports you without added complications or extra charges. Squid Wire’s designs and recommendations offer simple, practical solutions that last.
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About Us

Our Mission: “Always provide solid technology advice and solutions”

When planning an office move, especially from an IT and network infrastructure perspective, there are three basic considerations:
1. What are your office’s current technology needs?
2. What are your future technology and infrastructure needs?
3. What is your budget?

About Us


Each computer and device will need power and network access for each computer or device. Note any area where coverage is lacking. Depending on how you see your office expanding, consider future uses for areas. Could there conceivably be a desk there at some point? Or a network printer, scanning or other network device? Even if unlikely, it is wise (and much less expensive) to have additional network wiring and access points run to currently unused areas. Adding an additional few feet of wire now is much less expensive than expanding later. 

You must also take into consideration the location of the future server room. Will the future location accomodate the number of servers in your office? Is it properly air conditioned and, if not, can it be fitted with air conditioning? Will you need to install new data racks and/or support from the ceiling for multiple racks?

With respect to running network and phone cables throughout the office, there are some important considerations. It may seem an obvious point, but one that many seem to neglect: you should get installers, network professionals, and anyone else who you may need to pay to implement your plan engaged as early as possible. Consult with them fully and completely while planning your new office. Take advantage of their ideas and suggestions. You may be moving your office for the first (or only) time, this is what they do every day. The initial preparatory thought and work you have done to consider your present and future needs, coupled with your budget will insure you get the project completed on time and on budget.

Problems always arise with even the simplest of moves however, putting a plan in place early on will put you in a better position to reduce the number of problems, and respond more quickly to any that do arise.  Good luck!